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May 28, 2018

Is that fluke familiar to you?

Is that fluke familiar to you?

There are an estimated 30 000 Humpbacks expected to be taking part in the spectacular migration this northern migration!

We have been having encounters with whales for more than 20 years in and around Jervis Bay so some individuals have become familiar to us. There are even records of the same whales re-visiting Jervis Bay with their calves several years apart. In these instances the cow and calf pairs often resting inside Jervis Bay for several hours and even short term stays from 2 – 8 DAYS! This behaviour is refered to as ‘maternal site fidelity’ or ‘short term residency’.

Researchers across the world use dorsal fin, fluke and pectoral fins to identify whales- some have some eye catching features that make the whales and dolphins we interact with easier to recognise and even identify.

This month our ‘Familiar Fluke’ is of a humpback calf we met last year on the southern migration.

The young calf had some intriguing markings and was quite active in showing us it’s unique fluke characteristics. This whale was then identifed a week later by Cat Balou Cruises in Eden!

To learn more you can come aboard our cruises- you never know what or who- you might see!




"A Great Afternoon on Jervis Bay"

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon on the Whale watch your on the big boat. We had planned to go on the short fast boat but they changed us to the tekin. All in all it was actually a good option for the afternoon. The staff were pleasant and there was basic tea and coffee served. We took some snacks which was recommended and a good idea. We saw at least 8 whales including some baby calves and enjoyed the scenery of the bay too. Worth it!