Humpback Whale Length and Weight

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is ‘How big are Humpback Whales?’

Well, on average an adult humpback whale can grow between 12 – 18 meters and weigh about 40 Tonnes.

To put this into perspective an adult Humpback Whale is the same length as our Vessel Explorer I and DOUBLE it’s weight!!Female Humpbacks tend to be slightly longer than the males and can be very round when heavily pregnant.
At birth a Humpback Whale is 5 meters long and about the weight of a Toyota Camry.If you have ever been lucky enough to witness up close ‘pectoral slapping’ (also known as pec slapping), you would know just how big Humpback Whales pectoral fins can be- up to 16 feet or 5m in LENGTH!! Let alone the sound those fins make on the surface of the water. It can carry a very long way!This years Whale Watching season is fast approaching and we’ve already scheduled most of this seasons cruises.
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