Capturing the best Dolphin and Whale Photos

Have you always dreamed of having a breath taking photo of a breaching Humpback Whale or surfing Dolphin, that you took yourself hanging on your wall?We have compiled a few handy tips from our crew to help you in your quest for an image worthy of your wall space.Lighting
Our very skilled and experienced skippers always maintain a balance of respecting appropriate distances under the ‘Australian National Guidelines for Whale and Dolphin Watching’ whilst providing a unique and personal whale watching encounter- with lighting behind you and illuminating the whales.Camera

  • A good quality camera, will provide you with high resolution and crisper images than an iPhone.
  • If using a phone it is a great idea to film your experience and screenshot out the stills.
  • Utilise ‘sports mode’ feature on cameras and devices

Consider the conditions, a sunny calm day makes for enjoyable experiences and well illuminated photos.Timing
Watch for movement on the surface such as bubbles or spray before whales may surface and prepare to zoom and or focus.
Keep your camera to your eye once you have a fixture on the animals.Patience persistence and a positive attitude.
For some inspiration these images have been taken by great photographers; Maree Clout, Jordan Robins and our very own deckhand Michelle – Whilst on board our cruises.Image by Maree CloutImage by Jordan RobinsImage by Michelle StewartSo what are you waiting for? Book your cruise today and test out all that new knowledge.