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Hold your Breath – The Whales are coming!

28 April 2018 | DWC Blog

The Countdown is officially on! 20 DAYS until our first WHALE Watching Cruise in 2018!

Whales and dolphins are mammals (breathe air & suckle young) just like us. As they live in the ocean they must come to the surface to fill their lungs with air to survive. Whales and Dolphins breath through their ‘blow hole’ located on the top of their head, which is easily exposed to the surface as these creatures of the sea swim, travel, play and rest.

Humpback Whale Blow - Dolphin Watch Cruises
When surfacing to breathe we often see or hear a ‘blow’ as the animals exhale- clearing any water away with TREMENDOUS FORCE at a rate of 480km per hour!!! Exhaling 90% of its lung capacity in a SINGLE breath! Before inhaling a big breath of air…
What the whales and dolphins are doing influences how often they need to come to the surface. When resting they surface less often this is what we tend to see on the southern migration, INSIDE Jervis Bay often interrupted by playful leaping young calves.

However, when traveling dolphins and whales surface much more frequently- especially when accompanied by calves- who have much smaller lungs and need to surface very regularly- a give-a-way for dolphin and whale watchers!

Humback Whale Cruise - Dolphin Watch Cruises
Our next post will be about breathing and sleeping!

To HEAR, SEE & even SMELL these intriguing marine mammals you can book now using the button below, or call in to our office @ 50 Owen Street in Huskisson.

We would love to talk whale with you … kind of like Dory?