What kind of dolphins live in Jervis Bay

In Jervis Bay the dolphins we most commonly see Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops aduncus).
The type of dolphin found here is one of the most well-known Dolphin species, thanks to films like ‘Flipper’ and are often seen in captivity.Jervis Bay is so special that we have about 80- 100 bottlenose dolphins that are WILD and FREE to swim, feed and live where ever they like, these are ‘residents’ of Jervis Bay. Meaning they live here all year round, most of the Dolphins we see are in nursery pods, family groups and bachelor pods.When we find pods of 10-20 dolphins and on some days 30-40 or even more! Every encounter is different and always full of opportunities to learn about Dolphins, Jervis Bay Marine Park and our beautiful oceans.

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