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What is an estuary?

17 April 2018 | DWC Blog

Well.. think of the waterways around Jervis Bay- Moona Moona Creek, Currambene Creek, OR St Georges Basin (they are just local examples).

An estuary is somewhere that may be a temporarily or permanently exposed to the sea and subject to tidal changes. They can be as big as Sydney Harbour or small lakes and lagoons.

Jervis Bay Mangrove Walk - Dolphin Watch Cruises
Why are they important?

Estuaries are the heart of range of ecosystems and are constantly changing. They are the nursery grounds for many fish species we see in Jervis Bay and which our dolphins feed on.

Estuaries are super important for filtering water and keeping our special bay pristine!

These habitats provide places for thousands of bird species to live and migrate to. Some visiting birds have traveled far and wide and are even protected by international agreements like RAMSAR.

How did we find this out?
What we have observed and learnt over time and from the following links:
Why Estuaries Are Important
Currambene Creek
Murrays Beach Jervis Bay - Dolphin Watch Cruises
Our cruises depart daily from the entrance of the biggest estuary flowing into Jervis Bay and often beneath the boats you can see schools of small fish seeking refuge.
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