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Whale Watching Season

23 April 2018 | DWC Blog

Whale Watching Season 2018 is just around the corner!

We are excitedly anticipating the beginning of the upcoming Whale Watching Season. As our passengers and staff can attest, last year was nothing short of extraordinary!

Humpback Whale Tail - Dolin Watch Cruises
We were lucky enough to have special encounters with well over 1000 whales on their migration. With an estimated 30 000, Whales migrating along the East Coast of Australia- INCREDIBLE! Our sightings, were mainly Humpback, a few Minke and Southern Rights!
The were a greater number sighted traveling quickly north to the warm waters of tropical Queensland than any other year to date. The returning south traveling whales, were in much less of a rush and we witnessed many relaxing, resting and playful whales visiting Jervis Bay. Consisting mostly of mother and calf groups, on one day there were 16 whales recorded inside Jervis Bay!!
Double Whale Breach - Dolphin Watch Cruises
Stay tuned to learn more about Whales and our cruises.

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