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Seagrass Meadows of Jervis Bay

9 May 2018 | DWC Blog

Jervis Bay is home to the largest and most pristine populations of endangered seagrass known as Posidonia australis.
Seagrass meadows are INCREDIBLE! They capture carbon 40 TIMES FASTER and store up to 100 TIMES the amount of carbon of tropical rainforests.
Jervis Bay Seagrass - Dolphin Watch Cruises
Why are they so important in Jervis Bay?

Seagrasses are able to absorb heavy metals and filter sediments. Capturing sediments dating back as far as 1 300- 3000 years ago!

This is one of the reasons why Jervis Bay has such clear water & why our dolphins in Jervis Bay live so long! Pollution and heavy metals are one of the biggest killers of Dolphins around the world!

Fortunately in Jervis Bay the seagrass meadows are protected in Jervis Bay Marine Park and the Commonwealth Protected waters of Booderee National Park

Seagrass Propeller Scarring - Dolphin Watch Cruises
Vessels of Dolphin Watch Cruises - Dolphin Watch Cruises
Seagrass Jervis Bay - Dolphin Watch Cruises
We are so fascinated by Seagrass and all it has to offer, we will keep sharing more.

In the meantime you can find out more on the ABC Science Show & The Conversation article.