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Sea weed to save the world!?

2 February 2019 | DWC Blog

Have you ever been swimming down at Husky Beach and felt something smooth and slippery brush past your leg? For an instant you might be alarmed and think “ahh shark!” ?
Only to realise it is just a clump of seaweed!
Jervis Bay Seaweed - Dolphin Watch Cruises
For those fascinated by the wonderful world of seaweed/sea grass meadows and their impressive C02 absorbing characteristics.
Will love watching Australian Professor Tim Flannery investigating how sea weed could save the world!

Watch on ABC iView.

Jervis Bay Seagrass - Dolphin Watch Cruises
For cruising and safely cruising well over the top of any seaweed, jump on a cruise with us Dolphin Watch Cruises – Jervis Bay.