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January 23, 2019

Jervis Bay Dolphins Behaviour – Tail Slapping

Jervis Bay Dolphins Behaviour – Tail Slapping


We are fortunate enough to see some very interesting things when out on Jervis Bay,

Such behaviours are all an important part of Dolphin (& Whale) communication and can mean a range of things. If the slaps are soft and gentle, the dolphin may be alerting other dolphins or trying to gain their attention. A single explosive slap – or a succession of much firmer slaps is a definite warning sign.

Sometimes we also see it as a form of play!

Check out our facebook videos to check out some dolphin tail slapping action!

"Heaps of Dolphins, Seals, Birds and a Few whales"

The weather wasn't all that good, and there was a swell, we were fortunate to have a bait ball of fish swim very close to our boat, which in turn meant, heaps of dolphins, seals birds and even a few whales enjoying the fun!