Dolphins Socialising in Jervis Bay

Many people come to Jervis Bay to relax and socialise, well Dolphins do too!

Common Bottlenose Dolphins are famously social creatures! They have even been known to interact with other species of Dolphins and Whales too!Social interactions are a vital part of dolphin behaviour and are great to witness out on the water.
Dolphin communication is very complex and varies depending on the social dynamics of the pod. Echo location using a range of whistles and clicks to determine how close and the shape of an object or other dolphins.
They also communicate by a range of physical contact and movements. At times dolphins seem to be ‘holding hands’, ‘bumping and nudging’, ‘tail slapping’- more on this next week and Belly to belly swimming. These behaviours are all important for establishing hierarchy and bonds within the pod. At other times physical contact can be more aggressive often evident in times of courtship or to assert dominance.Keep an eye out for all the action next time you join us for a cruise!