July 14, 2018

But do they get Hungry? Whales on migration.

But do they get Hungry? Whales on migration.


If you are up to speed on one of our recent posts  “Whale migration” you would be all across the reasons why whales migrate and converge in the cold Antarctic oceans..But that is where the food is.

The oceans around Antarctica are nutrient rich with millions of tonnes of krill- the primary food source of the Humpback Whale.

So if that is where all the food is.. Do they eat on the way?

Well, this is a very interesting question with Humpback whales fasting consuming very little food for up to 7 months. (I for one would be very very Hangry.).

” They may be the cows of the sea but certainly aren’t grazers!”

Whilst spending a great deal of time out on the water we have observed a few interesting things. Including.. some whales who appear to feed opportunistically when migrating lunge feeding and gulping down schools of pilchards in their large mouths.

There are also accounts of Humpbacks Whales doing this in Eden a few hours down the road from us http://edenwhalefestival.com.au/whales-feedin-at-eden/

How do they feed?

The way we are most familiar and know the most about is from lunge feeding, where whales ‘lunge’ across the surface to swallow krill and filter the water and krill with their baleen plates.

When this has been observed at Eden cool water from the ocean depths rises to the surface and uplifts nutrient rich water soaked with tiny krill and zoo plankton. Previously when this has been witnessed many different marine life come alive and feast together!

Imagine that!

"Amazing Fun & Great Experience for the whole family"

On the 27th of September myself and my family went on the explorer out to see the whales, unfortunately the weather wasn't the best however we all felt like we were on a ride at dream world with the swell. Unfortunately no whales but with the no sighting return voucher, We Appreciated it so much. We then decided to extend our stay so we could try again this time to see the Dolphins, well that was a exciting experience with so many pods of dolphins to be seen and so many photos to be taken. Well worth recommending, Big thanks to our skipper (Tim) & His Crew Michelle, Alex & Therese. Fantastic Job