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November 26, 2018

What to Bring on a cruise in Jervis Bay

What to Bring on a cruise in Jervis Bay

We encourage you to immerse yourself in the Cruises we offer, they are always picturesque whether it be a Best of Jervis Bay Cruise, a Dolphin and Scenic Bay Cruise, or a spectacular Whale Watching Cruise!

  • Suitable clothing
  • Camera
  • Snacks
  • Smile

To ensure your comfort we recommend you bring along a jacket (even in summer months- it can get a little cool on the water). Warmer clothes in winter (see ‘What to Wear’ blog post), Sunglasses for looking the part but also to protect your eyes from glare off the water. Sun protection is also recommended – we do have some on board if you forget.

To capture what it is all about be sure to bring along your camera! We see some iconic Jervis Bay sights on our cruises and love to see our visitors in awe of what we see each day. For those that are serious about seeing everything possible a small set of binoculars are great for spotting dolphins and a variety of marine and bird life- such as sea eagles and water birds. As they bay is absolutely teaming with creatures.

You are welcome to bring along your own food, snacks and drinks but STRICTLY NO ALCOHOL. On board Tekin III we provide a complimentary Tea and Coffee Service with a selection of biscuits for we also have a fully licensed bar and have some light refreshments.

On our Jetboats we recommend bringing your own water and food if you don’t think you can last the duration of the cruise without getting thirsty or worse… HANGRY (hungry and as a result-angry)……

Most importantly, bring a smile! We look forward to greeting you with one!

"HOWEVER, the staff were AMAZING!!!"

Didn't see any whales or Dolphins, or any sea life at all actually and it was cold and rainy with swells that reached 3 metres which resulted in more than a few people with their head in the sick bag the entire trip..... HOWEVER, the staff were AMAZING!!! Jane was so positive, bubbly and hilarious as well as caring and genuine. The staff can't control the weather, and they certainly can't control when the whales will show up but they handled it so well. We can't wait to come back just to hear Jane's laugh!