While masks are no longer required, we strongly recommend
that they are worn in indoor areas of our vessels. We recommend this for the
safety of our staff and our valued customers.

What to wear Whale Watching

6 May 2018 | DWC Blog

To help prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience these are some of our top tips for Whale Watching Cruises.
Twin Humpback Whales - Dolphin Watch Cruises
  • Rug up – We encourage windproof jackets, beanies, scarves and gloves are all part of the experience. We do provide spray jackets but it is always nice to have your own.
  • Sea Sickness – Although our experienced skippers do their VERY best to keep everyone warm dry and comfortable, some people are quite susceptible to sea sickness; visit the pharmacy prior to your trip to make sure you are well prepared. – some medications need to be taken prior to cruising.
  • Camera/ Photo Capturing device – Would anyone believe you if you didn’t capture and share your experience in social media?
  • Smile and Positivity – While this is provided in abundance by our crew; bringing your own goes a long way.
  • You are also welcome to throw in a thermos of hot chocolate and some Tim Tams (you will be very popular with the crew!)
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