July 8, 2018

What is the difference between an ‘Eco Whale Cruise’ and ‘Whale Watch Cruise’?

What is the difference between an ‘Eco Whale Cruise’ and ‘Whale Watch Cruise’?

What is the difference between an ‘Eco Whale Cruise’ and ‘Whale Watch Cruise’?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Yes, there is a difference!

Eco Whale Cruise


Are very popular whale watching cruises that take place on board our Eco vessels – Explorer and Extreme. Most of our whale watching cruises depart on our Eco Vessels. These vessels allow our passengers to travel out the whales nice and quick, so you spend as much time as possible viewing and learning about the majestic travelling humpbacks.

Our ‘Eco Whale Cruise’ gets you up close and personal with our majestic ‘Jervis Bay Whales’ in the quickest possible time.

The duration of the Eco Whale Cruise is 2 hours and offer you a smooth sturdy ride.

The vessels are open and allow you to feel the breeze to have a true ocean experience. In the case of wet and windy weather we have clear windows that can be closed to help keep passengers as comfortable as possible.


Whale Watch Cruises

Is a great option for those that are interested in a more relaxed pace cruise on Tekin III- The Spirit of Jervis Bay.

The Spirit of Jervis Bay has 5 viewing decks from which to view these magnificent creatures, so you will not miss out. We serve complimentary tea and coffee on the way out to see the whales to help warm you up.

The Whale Watch Cruises that depart on Tekin III are 3 hours in duration, this is mostly due to travel time- particularly on the northern migration when the whales are outside of Jervis Bay.

However, when the Whales are travelling south we often don’t even need to leave the protected waters of Jervis Bay!

Tekin III doesn’t head out for Whale Watching all that often so make sure you book in advance.



For either of our whale cruises, we strongly recommend that you bring a warm jumper and even gloves and a beanie as the conditions can be quite cool out on the water.

For more tips about Whale Watching – click the hyperlink

"Amazing Fun & Great Experience for the whole family"

On the 27th of September myself and my family went on the explorer out to see the whales, unfortunately the weather wasn't the best however we all felt like we were on a ride at dream world with the swell. Unfortunately no whales but with the no sighting return voucher, We Appreciated it so much. We then decided to extend our stay so we could try again this time to see the Dolphins, well that was a exciting experience with so many pods of dolphins to be seen and so many photos to be taken. Well worth recommending, Big thanks to our skipper (Tim) & His Crew Michelle, Alex & Therese. Fantastic Job