Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Jervis Bay – Australia’s leading whale watching destination
Jervis Bay offers one of the longest whale watching seasons on the east coast of Australia. We are privileged to see these magnificent creatures from as early as May, as they make their way north to the warmer waters of the breeding grounds, and can again see them up until early December when the mothers slowly make their way back down the coast on the southern migration.

What makes Jervis Bay so special is that the enclosed waters of Jervis Bay provides shelter to the mothers and their calves as they make their way home. It is not uncommon to have as many as 30+ whales inside Jervis Bay during the southern migration with the playful calves often putting on a show for our passengers as they learn to breach and frolic in the calm waters. Quite often our skippers are required to switch off the engines as the whales swim up to the vessel to take a look at all the humans sitting inside the big white boat. The viewing is exceptional and you get a good grasp on the sheer size of these animals as they literally hug the bottom of the boat.

If you have not been whale watching before, and you have not been to Jervis Bay, this is a must do activity for you – a bucket list activity.

"We had a whale of a time"

We booked ourselves on a 3 hour whale watch cruise. Since we had 2 children (age 2 and 4) in our group, we felt a bigger boat would be more comfortable compared to a smaller one. It was our lucky day as we did not have to travel far before we came across a mother whale and her pup