May 4, 2018

Whale Watching Jervis Bay Frequently asked Questions

Whale Watching Jervis Bay Frequently asked Questions

Here at Dolphin Watch Cruises the Whale Watching Season is a very exciting time of year for us.

This blog post is a one stop shop for all your immediate Whale Watch Cruise in Jervis Bay questions.

When is it whale watching Season? When is the best time to see the Whales?

Our whale watching season begins around mid-May and goes through to about mid- late November.

The best time to go whale watching, does vary depending on the migrations direction, June/July when the whales are travelling north is a great time to get out and about, we have great sightings at this time of year. We do for the most part have to travel to the outside of Jervis Bay offering a very impressive view of the spectauclar Sea Cliffs protecting Jervis Bay. Often whales are accompanied by travelling pods of oceanic dolphins- who are super fast and ride the wake of the migrating whales. We have even seen Risso’s dolphins too!

On the southern migration  September and October are fantastic times to cruise with us too. Many of our sightings during this time are INSIDE Jervis Bay when the mothers and the calves relax, rest and sometimes even play! Which is an absolute delight for all!

The best time to cruise on Jervis Bay is when you are relaxed and have time to unwind, enjoy and learn.


What Kind of Whales can we see on our Cruise?

The most common Whale on our Whale Watching cruise is the impressive Humpback Whale. On occasion we see Southern Right Whales, False Killer Whales, Orcas and Minke Whales.


Can I bring the kids?                                                         

You sure can! All our boats are child friendly and provide a once in a life time experience encountering Whales and Dolphins in the wild! We encourage bringing snacks to keep kids entertained and to prevent hangriness (hunger induced anger).  We have a range of colouring in and educational resources on board too! Plus stamps and stickers for those particularly lovely passengers.


What else can we see on our Whale Cruise?

Dolphins are commonly seen on most of our cruises as there are about 100 that call Jervis Bay home. Australian Fur Seals can be seen, with Seal Colonies located to the north and south of Jervis Bay. Occasionally we see them at Dart Point inside Jervis Bay too!


What happens if I don’t see a Whale on my Whale Watching Cruise?  

Once you step on board our vessels no refunds can be issued. However, if you don’t have a Whale sighting on your cruise we give you a complimentary return cruise voucher that is valid for 12 months!


It is raining outside, will my cruise be cancelled?

No, our cruises still depart rain, hail or shine but not in a gale.. So for the most part our cruises will leave despite rain and wind- we reccomend being prepared for these conditions and while we do provide spray jackets on our eco boats and we have 80% covered area on Tekin III, it is best to bring your own raincoat.

As whale watching does head out in to the open ocean there can be the odd occassion where it is unsuitable for cruising with large swell and wind. – Perfect conditions for sea sickness. In these circumstances we will try to give you as much warning as possible to reschedule for a nicer day.


For Bookings and Availability, call our Team on 4441 6311 OR visit us at 50 Owen Street in Huskisson.


"Amazing Fun & Great Experience for the whole family"

On the 27th of September myself and my family went on the explorer out to see the whales, unfortunately the weather wasn't the best however we all felt like we were on a ride at dream world with the swell. Unfortunately no whales but with the no sighting return voucher, We Appreciated it so much. We then decided to extend our stay so we could try again this time to see the Dolphins, well that was a exciting experience with so many pods of dolphins to be seen and so many photos to be taken. Well worth recommending, Big thanks to our skipper (Tim) & His Crew Michelle, Alex & Therese. Fantastic Job