Tekin III away at the Slipway

Some of our lovely locals may have noticed an absence of our beautiful big Tekin III earlier in .

She set sail down to the Ulladulla Slip way for a makeover holiday. She was pulled up out of the water, where we were truly able to appreciate her size and see just how much is permanently below the waterline. Tekin had a great view from up on her perch in Ulladulla Harbour, while working hard our crew even had sightings of a pod of Dolphins and a total of 10 Humpback whales!An integral part of life at DWC, is maintain boat husbandry. This is an aspect that our team take pride in helping to ensure day to day safety of our spectacular fleet. Part our maintenance for Tekin III at the Slips involved sanding old paint away, a scrub of all the decks and walls on the mid deck and hulls. Including removing all the barnacles that had accumulated over the past 12 months.The underside of the vessel had to be prepared for anti-fouling with a big power spray blast then, applying a sealing coat and re painting. The propellers were also removed and sent to Sydney to be serviced where they were sharpened and straightened to ensure optimal cavitation and fuel efficiency of our boat.
The hulls of the boat were given a new lick of paint, with our logos all touched up. All the mid deck was re-painted too!It was a big job, but all our team put in a great deal of work to get the boat looking her best. We all feel quite proud of the final product and can’t wait to have all our Dolphin Watch friends on board to show them our work.
If you would like to check out our painting efforts book a dolphin cruise on Tekin III.