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September 29, 2019

Jervis Bay School Holiday Secrets

Jervis Bay School Holiday Secrets

Jervis Bay is basically the best giant adventure playground EVER, for grown-ups and kids alike! If you’re looking for affordable boredom cures for the family these school holidays then look no further! Jervis Bay has so much more to offer than just the world-famous white sands of Hyams Beach. Don’t tell anyone, but we’re about to show you the best local, secret activities that the bay has to offer for you and your family’s Jervis Bay adventure! This list could be 100 items long, but here’s 5 little hints to get you started this holiday break!

  1. Stony Creek

Deep in Booderee National Park, on the Southern headland of Jervis Bay, out near the ruined lighthouse, there is a gorgeous little fresh water stream that feeds into the open ocean. Where the creek meets the sea the coast has formed a natural break wall, shielding a small lagoon from the waves outside. In that little lagoon you can play for hours, swimming, fishing and snorkeling. Be sure to cross to the other side of the creek to find a beach covered in tiny pink and purple shells, and a giant rock platform to explore with amazing views to the South.

Amazing shot by our mate Andy Hutchinson, check out his amazing stuff at https://barefootgeek.me/

2. Rock Climbing

Most locals down here don’t even know it, but the Shoalhaven is one of the best rock climbing areas in Australia! There are plenty of places for beginners and kids to safely challenge themselves, within a stones throw of Jervis Bay. If you don’t have any of the gear or the know-how, don’t worry, our friends at Outdoor Raw, the South Coasts leading adventure company, will take care of everything for beginners climbing days. For the really brave families, maybe with some crazy teenagers involved, get Outdoor Raw to take you out to climb the 93m high sea cliff at the heads of Jervis Bay at Point Perpendicular!


3. Cave Beach Surfing

Cave Beach, or simply “Caves’ to the locals, is another amazing place in Booderee National Park, named after the, you guessed it, big old cave right on the beach. Kids will love exploring the very safe sandy-floored cave, and the more adventurous can get a surf lesson on the awesome little waves that Caves often has. Not many people would think of Jervis bay as one of the best places to learn to surf, but the folks at JB Surf School are awesome at helping you develop this gnarly skill! Oh, and be sure to stop and get some pics of the very friendly kangaroos in the Cave Beach campground on the way down!

Jacqui Jones, by @_jet_jones_

4. Blenheim Beach

Everyone has heard of Hyams Beach; white sand, instagram selfie gold, blah blah blah. And yes, it is super awesome. But it’s also FULL all summer long of half the population of Sydney! For a beach that’s just as nice, just as white, surrounded by tall shady bush, but often with far less people, you can’t go past Blenheim Beach.  Shade for young families, safe swimming conditions, a toilet block, tables for picnics, and a playground; it doesn’t get much better than this! The famous White Sands Walk passes by Blenheim, and if you like gorgeous, scenic, easy walks, you really can’t beat this one.

How Blenheim beach makes one feel, by @liinnij

5. Dolphin and Whale Watching Cruises

Of course, the best possible fun you can have on your Jervis Bay school holiday trip is with us on a dolphin or whale cruise. We have dolphins in the bay every day of the year and whales from May to November. With our generous family discounts we reckon you can come cruising with us for cheaper than taking the family to the movies and buying everyone popcorn and a drink! To book now head to our bookings page, or phone (02) 44416311 now!


"My wife and I went out today and saw at least 8 whales,"

My wife and I went out today and saw at least 8 whales, they came right up to the boat and also under it. Had the most amazing day and the skipper and crew were great