April 10, 2018

Dolphins- Why do the Dolphins in Jervis Bay have marks all over them?

Dolphins- Why do the Dolphins in Jervis Bay have marks all over them?

When having encounters with dolphins we are often asked “what are all those marks and scratches on the dolphins from?”

The answer is surprising, these marks are actually ‘rake’ marks where dolphins have bitten each other and left a mark of their teeth.  We most commonly see these marks on the fins of dolphins as this is soft cartilage- although we do often see them on the upper body of the dolphins too.

These marks are often a result of dolphins contesting the hierarchy of the pod and asserting dominance and forming social bonds. Occasionally the rake marks can be helpful in identifying individuals, but they do gradually fade over time.



Interesting Dolphin markings



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"HOWEVER, the staff were AMAZING!!!"

Didn't see any whales or Dolphins, or any sea life at all actually and it was cold and rainy with swells that reached 3 metres which resulted in more than a few people with their head in the sick bag the entire trip..... HOWEVER, the staff were AMAZING!!! Jane was so positive, bubbly and hilarious as well as caring and genuine. The staff can't control the weather, and they certainly can't control when the whales will show up but they handled it so well. We can't wait to come back just to hear Jane's laugh!