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August 31, 2018

Familiar Fluke August- Blade Runner

Familiar Fluke August- Blade Runner


We had nearly forgotten about our monthly contribution to our ‘Familiar Fluke’ blog!

This month’s whale is one we have heard and read about.  ‘Bladerunner’ as she is known by, suffered injuries from a boat’s propeller after a ship strike in Sydney in 2001.  Bladerunner is believed to have up to 15 deep scars on her side and even her fluke was damaged.


Although not as famous as last month’s familiar fluke (Migaloo), her unique scars make her very recognisable among the whale watching and research community. Sighted in Eden in 2008 and twice in 2013 (north alone & south in October with a calf), the pair were then again sighted in January 2014 by Micheline Jenner in the icy waters of the Antarctic!

Although these aren’t the kind of markings we like to see, it is a reminder to respect the regulations for zones of approach for cetaceans in our oceans and be mindful of their presence!

We hope to see her travelling past or resting in Jervis Bay possibly with a calf as the whales begin to travel back towards Antarctica this Southern Migration.


Images- https://www.edenmagnet.com.au/story/1854744/photos-whale-watchers-say-bladerunners-back/

"I really respect that the whale was more important than us"

Arrived just in time from our overnight stay in Canberra to go on the cruise. We got to see two whales swimming and breaching. Was a spectacular sight. The operators stayed what I though was a decent distance from the whales and when they had gone into the bay and another operator went in further than we did our guy decided that we would move away to give the whales space to get out of the bay. I really respect that the whale was more important that us . Well done